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What's new in 2018 at One Boston Place? 

By Megan Mallory | March 02, 2018

Wow, thanks for asking. Quite a lot actually. 

Not One, but Two Outstanding Building of the Year Awards!

By Megan Mallory | December 15, 2017


StubHub succeeds by team coworking at Boston Offices

By Megan Mallory | March 10, 2017

StubHub's Boston coworking success.

Here at Boston Offices, we are fortunate to have a variety of talented companies in our private team coworking suites.  Many of these companies are from completely different industries and each offer a unique perspective around the office.  StubHub is one such company and they have been working from our shared office for nearly two years. It has been a pleasure to watch StubHub grow and succeed in their branded team coworking offices at Boston's Exchange Place.

How to make your commute more enjoyable

By Megan Mallory | February 14, 2017
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How to get the most out of your home office

By Megan Mallory | May 17, 2016

For most of us office dwellers, “working from home” might mean increased productivity, nonexistent commutes, and that ever elusive work-life balance. And while all of this can be true, what we often hear about the home office is how challenging it can be to stay focused and be productive. We understand the challenges telecommuting can present so we’ve compiled 10 tips and tricks to help your get the most out of your home office.

Watching the Boston Skyline

By Megan Mallory | May 10, 2016

The Boston skyline is changing so fast it can be hard to keep up. But fear not- we've got you covered. Here are the eight biggest developments you should be watching in Boston this year:

The future of Boston's City Hall Plaza

By Megan Mallory | May 06, 2016

City Hall Plaza may finally be getting the face lift we’ve been hoping for thanks to Delaware North, the owners of TD Garden. The conceptual design includes plans for a Ferris wheel, semi-permanent food stalls, a beer garden, a summer “beach” and a winter skating rink. City Hall Plaza in its current, unadorned form has been with us since since the 1960's. We're hoping the brand new Government Center T Station has created enough momentum to carry us through a total overhaul of the Plaza. Open space is a rare commodity in Boston and we would love to see the space used in creative ways that draw crowds. Perhaps a giant Boston sign doubling as city landmark and selfie station? Construction likely won’t be begin for several more months, but what’s a few months after waiting 10 years for something a little less… barren. And best of all- we’ll be able to watch it all unfold from our brand new coworking cafe on the 26th floor. You couldn’t ask for a more convenient shared office space in Boston!