StubHub succeeds by team coworking at Boston Offices

By Megan Mallory | March 10, 2017

StubHub's Boston coworking success.

Here at Boston Offices, we are fortunate to have a variety of talented companies in our private team coworking suites.  Many of these companies are from completely different industries and each offer a unique perspective around the office.  StubHub is one such company and they have been working from our shared office for nearly two years. It has been a pleasure to watch StubHub grow and succeed in their branded team coworking offices at Boston's Exchange Place.

10 best after-work drink spots in Boston

By Deirbhile Teggart | March 03, 2017

Bostons 10 best after-work drink spots 


Working at Boston Offices in the heart of the city means endless options for food and drink spots, but sometimes too many options sometimes results in a rushed and regretful decision. To avoid this, we have compiled a list of our favorite spots surrounding our Coworking Space here at Boston Offices, for you to enjoy an after-work drink. Now, getting happy hour drinks in Boston has never been easier. 

How to make your commute more enjoyable

By Megan Mallory | February 14, 2017
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Top 10 Lunch Spots Less Than 10 Minutes From Your Boston Office

By Boston Offices | August 19, 2016

Lunch. An old pal. Something our mothers used to pack for us in trusty brown bags and trendy Target pouches with ice packs. Whether unluckily or not (to each his/her own) we adults no longer have the same luxuries. More often than not, this leaves us packing our own slightly disappointing leftovers that we pray no one thieves and relying on that sad granola bar collecting dust at the bottom of our desks.

Offices in Boston: MassChallenge: The Most Ground-Breaking Office in Boston

By Boston Offices | August 07, 2016

Offices in Boston

Boston Offices has been lucky enough to help support this year's MassChallenge excitement! Last Wednesday, June 11th, we attended the Open House event at their new Headquarters on Drydock Ave and met an array of devoted-entrepreneurs involved in Boston's start-up scene. Their redesigned, warehouse-gone-workspace style office proved to be the perfect venue for an open house of young start-ups and we were excited to return for the Alumni and Sponsor Dinner last night!

Start-up benefits: Solutions to Coworking Problems, Coworking Offices in Boston

By Boston Offices | August 07, 2016

Are you ready to focus on making your business dreams a reality?   Time to accelerate your business plan? Start with Coworking Offices in Boston.

The costs of Boston office space and office services could rain on your parade, particularly in Boston's innovation district, where office lease costs are climbing sky high.  Start-up benefits at Boston Offices are the foundation of our successful and growing community of global entrepreneurs.

Boston Office’s on-demand shared and virtual office leasing system provides instant start-up benefits like a recognizable Boston office tower business presence, telephone services, internet access, mailing and mailing-forwarding services, office space when needed, and other office support for monthly costs ranging from $74 to $199. This is less than the average car payment, less than an apartment rent and less than many over-hyped, unproductive co-working alternative.

Office Space That Benefits Your Start-Up Businesses

Boston Offices provides office space for mature start-ups in Boston's Financial District.  We make it easy for you to focus on productivity and profitability - the ultimate start-up benefits.   Start-up benefits include immediate set up, no hidden fees, month to month plans, and evening and weekend access.  We offer a variety of coworking office plans with easy plan modifications; all starting with a simple phone call.

Better yet, you may find that this type of ‘virtual office’ system can meet your needs for years to come.  Calls can be relayed in real-time, directly after a professional answer and screening.  Mail will be relayed.  Spend your time with new clients at their locations, at your home, traveling – whatever maximizes your effectiveness.  When you need a meeting room away from your home in a professional setting, bring that meeting to Boston Offices --- without spending your life here.

Many of our clients have sustained successful businesses for decades, without burdening themselves with thousands of dollars per month in office costs.  Smart start-up benefits enable you to grow your venture with a virtual office and when business requires your team to be in Boston all day every day, we can help you with full time office services, designed to be as economical as possible.

We make it easy for entrepreneurs to share these start-up benefits with your growing team. Join us and we will help design an office plan loaded with start-up benefits that will make your team productive instantly.  Look at our temporary, virtual, and shared Boston office service plans on this website and Contact Us to discuss your coworking offices in Boston needs.

How to get the most out of your home office

By Megan Mallory | May 17, 2016

For most of us office dwellers, “working from home” might mean increased productivity, nonexistent commutes, and that ever elusive work-life balance. And while all of this can be true, what we often hear about the home office is how challenging it can be to stay focused and be productive. We understand the challenges telecommuting can present so we’ve compiled 10 tips and tricks to help your get the most out of your home office.

Watching the Boston Skyline

By Megan Mallory | May 10, 2016

The Boston skyline is changing so fast it can be hard to keep up. But fear not- we've got you covered. Here are the eight biggest developments you should be watching in Boston this year:

The future of Boston's City Hall Plaza

By Megan Mallory | May 06, 2016

City Hall Plaza may finally be getting the face lift we’ve been hoping for thanks to Delaware North, the owners of TD Garden. The conceptual design includes plans for a Ferris wheel, semi-permanent food stalls, a beer garden, a summer “beach” and a winter skating rink. City Hall Plaza in its current, unadorned form has been with us since since the 1960's. We're hoping the brand new Government Center T Station has created enough momentum to carry us through a total overhaul of the Plaza. Open space is a rare commodity in Boston and we would love to see the space used in creative ways that draw crowds. Perhaps a giant Boston sign doubling as city landmark and selfie station? Construction likely won’t be begin for several more months, but what’s a few months after waiting 10 years for something a little less… barren. And best of all- we’ll be able to watch it all unfold from our brand new coworking cafe on the 26th floor. You couldn’t ask for a more convenient shared office space in Boston!

New Private Coworking Suites

By Boston Offices | March 29, 2016

Be More Productive Instantly in New Private Coworking Suites.

Coworking spaces are the wave of the future and Boston Offices is happy to offer unique private coworking suites. For many business owners, navigating through each of the coworking spaces, plans and options can be rather daunting. Boston Offices will help you avoid many of the hassles of your too casual coworking space.